Mk1 Golf C

This Mark 1 Golf C is a ground up build, from a stripped chasis to Mk1 GTI running gear swap.

So the story with this Mk1 starts with a Mk1 GTI, which was due to be fully rebuilt. However the shell was suffering from a Lot of rot. After a while of searching the owner was unable to find another GTI Shell suitable for his build, and settled for a Golf C Shell, which I belive was running but most importantly the shell was spotless, after having it stripped and painted it was time for the GTI Running gear to take its place

It is great to see cars like this still going and still being loved, there is a huge community for cars like this and this car is a real head turner, the bright red paint having been lovingly detailed and protected with a ceramic coating looks like it has just been painted, and will do for years to come.

The Wheels set this car off perfectly and the ride height is just right. Not only does this Mk1 Have the looks it sounds amazing too, having had some work done to the original 1.8 GTI engine, making it breathe more freely from both ends realy opens up this platform and makes it sound great. At the time of taking these photos the Mk1 had a slight idle issue but I can assure you this is now fixed.

With some 911 Tombstone Seats now installed, and having been trimmed in the same Mk1 GTI Cloth as the originals the car now looks spot on.

Also included in this Post are some photos from Roll Hard at Biciester Airfield at the back end of 2019

Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda W113

Having the chance to photograph a 280SL Pagoda was something else.

This Peice of automotive history still has great presence on the road and for a 50 year old car still deserves a place on the road. I Had the chance to spend some time with this car about a month ago and although lovingly looked after this car gets driven reguarly.

Its all very well seeing a car like this in museums and in photographs, but to actually get up close to a car of this condition was an enjoyable experence and the fact that car of this stature can been seen on the road is definatly a reason I enjoyed Photographing it. The car from any angle is beautiful and I had to stop myself at some points from taking more pictures, as the light changes and the angle changes so do the lines on the car.

Every Detail of this car is special, from the Level of detail on the interior down to the embossed Mercedes Logo on the fuel filler.

The Car looks stunning in any setting, I love the grace that it brings to a farm yard and the beauty it has in the freshly harvest feilds.

The W113 280SL Pagoda is the Last of the Pagoda Seires and its clear to me that this car is to be enjoyed, Taking this car out to lunch both in our Snap Back Caps felt quite comical but every where this car went it tuned heads, not because it is rare or because it is loud or larish, but because this car is stunning and people appreciate it.

Afternoon Drive with a 964 Carrera and a Visit to Caffeine and Machine

My First visit to Caffeine and Machine was not a day to forget.

Getting to photograph this beautiful Porsche 911 964 Carrera the Second to last air cooled Porsche, And in my opinion the best looking generation of the 911. After meeting in Buckingham we jumped in the 964 and headed down to Caffeine and Machine.

After a 45 Min drive in the 964, with the owner at the wheel we cruised comfortably up to Ettington where Caffeine and Machine are located. Pulling into the Car park we are given pride and place in front of the building next to a Rosso Corsa Ferrari Portofino (unfortunatly I have no pictures of this)

Seeing this 964 RS was great too, a amazing car that looks brilliant in red, with its bucket seats and harnesses this is a true track weapon.

I will definatly be visiting Caffeine and Machine again, the food was great, I had a Homestyle Chicken Wrap with bacon, salad and a Cesar dressing, the Company was also great.

Its hard to find a good place for meeting likeminded petrolheads, Most Car meets and events now are not as good as they used to be, with people doing doughnuts in Denbies wine estate car parks and leaving events in a cloud of tire smoke. With there #dontbeadick slogan its clear to see why the team at caffeine and machine want to protect this, this is a great place to relax, grab a beer or coffee if your driving and some grub, I cannot wait to see what this place is like on a weekend where the rain stays away and it isn’t good wood festival of speed, I have seen pictures of a busy day and can only imagine the cars that turn up.