Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda W113

Having the chance to photograph a 280SL Pagoda was something else.

This Peice of automotive history still has great presence on the road and for a 50 year old car still deserves a place on the road. I Had the chance to spend some time with this car about a month ago and although lovingly looked after this car gets driven reguarly.

Its all very well seeing a car like this in museums and in photographs, but to actually get up close to a car of this condition was an enjoyable experence and the fact that car of this stature can been seen on the road is definatly a reason I enjoyed Photographing it. The car from any angle is beautiful and I had to stop myself at some points from taking more pictures, as the light changes and the angle changes so do the lines on the car.

Every Detail of this car is special, from the Level of detail on the interior down to the embossed Mercedes Logo on the fuel filler.

The Car looks stunning in any setting, I love the grace that it brings to a farm yard and the beauty it has in the freshly harvest feilds.

The W113 280SL Pagoda is the Last of the Pagoda Seires and its clear to me that this car is to be enjoyed, Taking this car out to lunch both in our Snap Back Caps felt quite comical but every where this car went it tuned heads, not because it is rare or because it is loud or larish, but because this car is stunning and people appreciate it.

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